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Pasi Oksman

Photographer, MSc in Economics and Business Administration

Pasi has worked in public sector, in business world and as an entrepreneur. Long work experience has taught him to understand how organisations function and also the importance of flexibility, fluency and reliability. 

Studies in photography and media as well as working as a photographer have provided Pasi a way to express himself and his ideas. 

Lauri Hietala

Photographer / Bachelor in Lighting Design

In addition to photography, Lauri works as a lighting designer in  performing arts.  

Photography of outdoor lighting combines firmly his expertise in lighting design and photography.

Jaakko Hietala

Photographer, MSc in Lighting Technology

Jaakko's expertise is based on specialized engineering studies and long-term work on lighting projects.

He has also completed a Professional Photography Degree in which he has utilized his understanding of how lighting plays a major role in both photography and to the success of lighting buildings.

Katri Kallio

Photographer / Bachelor in Lighting, Professional in Event Production

Already at young age, Katri had a strong interest in performing arts and different forms of music and art. Katri's interests drove her to study at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and to work in the media industry. 

Katri's major was theatre and event lighting, and the acquired knowledge she applies extensively also in photography.

Marjo Lalli

Photographer / Bachelor in Construction Architecture

Marjo has been interested in light and shadow already since childhood. Her hobby, drawing, led Marjo to study construction architecture. Today Marjo strives to capture the play of lights and shadows in her photographs, and she has gained years of experience in reference and architecture photography. 

In addition to photography, Marjo works as an architectural designer.

Sanna Hillberg

Writer and Photographer / PhD

Sanna is a professional writer and photographer and has lived and worked in different cultures. 

Sanna has always been interested in different text types and she produces texts from promotional texts to blogs and newspaper articles to English translations. Editing and proofreading are also part of her expertise.

Pekka Korpela

Senior Advisor / eMBA

Pekka has a long and diverse background in corporate leading positions and as a board member of a company manufacturing modern high-tech products. 

Currently Pekka works as a venture investor and board professional. Pekka brings solid business expertise and experience in the long-term and goal-oriented business development of OpenLight Media.